SRCCON 2019 • July 11 & 12 in MPLS Support the SRCCON team

SRCCON 2019 Documentation

It’s important to us to keep SRCCON small enough to feel friendly and conversational, but we also care about getting the ideas and conversations that take place at SRCCON into the wider world. The most important way this happens is when attendees return to their newsrooms and put new skills and approaches to work, but we also document SRCCON as extensively as possible. This page collects resources you can refer back to as you bring SRCCON home with you:

Session Transcripts

Our live-captioning team transcribed 16 sessions at SRCCON. Sessions that have stenographers are marked on our full schedule, or you can use the lists below. If you were in a session and you notice something that needs to be fixed, we’d love your pull requests or emails.

Thursday transcribed sessions

9amWelcome to SRCCON
9:30-10:45am"Abandon normal instruments": Sideways strategies for defeating creative block
9:30-10:45amHow to edit data as seriously as we edit words
11:15am-12:30pmFix your feedback loop: Letting people, not polls, drive your election coverage
11:15am-12:30pmLet's build some ethical advertising
3-4:15pmStructured communication: Tools you can use to change culture and help your team feel heard
3-4:15pmHow to re-org your newsroom around product without breaking it
4:45-6pmGame of Newsletters: A song of inboxes and subject lines
4:45-6pmTaking Up Space: Making Room for People with Disabilities at The Times

Friday transcribed sessions

10-11:15amBang for your buck: how to help your newsroom get the most out of SRCCON (or any journalism event)
10-11:15amDesigning the next phase for newsroom technologists
11:45am-1pmA playbook for reporters interested in reaching people at risk of being undercounted
11:45am-1pmThe Scramble Suit: Creating harm prevention guidelines for newsroom data
2:30-3:45pmNoise & Signal: Knowing when to adopt new tech, and when to ignore it
2:30-3:45pmWhy it matters — Designing stories for impact
4:15-5:30pmCMS Demos: Approaches to Helping Our Newsrooms Do Their Best Work
4:15-5:30pmHow are we in community together?
5:30pmSRCCON Closing

Session Notes & Resources

All sessions at SRCCON have a collaborative etherpad that facilitators and attendees can use to share links and capture notes on discussions as they take place. Each entry on our schedule has a link to that session’s etherpad. We also collect slide decks, worksheets, and other documentation right here—if you’re a facilitator and you have session resources to share, let us know!

Session Write-Ups

On Source, we’re gathering up session summaries and takeaways as well. If there’s a session topic you’d like to learn more about, let us know and we’ll see if we can find additional documentation or publish a followup piece. And of course as you’re taking ideas back to your newsroom, the After Party Toolkit is here to help you make a great plan.